A new fraudulent scheme promoted online instructs borrowers to pay off their debts using a bank account routing number of a Federal Reserve Bank or other banking institution with whom they do not have an account or the authority to access. We will NOT pay off your account unless the routing number is valid and the funds are available in your account! Law enforcement, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), is aware of and is investigating this scheme. People participating in such fraudulent schemes may face criminal charges. PHFA assesses a $35 fee for each invalid payment attempted using this scheme.

Advisory: PHFA offers free online bill payment to its customers and is not associated with online bill payment services, which may charge customers a service fee for making mortgage payments online. If contacted by a bill payment service claiming that a fee is owed for a PHFA mortgage payment, customers are advised to use caution if personal information or money is requested. If you believe that you have been approached by a fraudulent entity attempting to collect money or personal information, you may wish to contact the Pennsylvania Attorney General,  Bureau of Consumer Protection by calling 717-787-3391 or visiting their website.

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